If you are a veteran of the 60th Infantry Regiment, your story is important to many in the US who owe a debt of gratitude to the "Greatest Generation." Please take a few moments of your time and tell us of your experience in WWII as a Go-Devil. Historians, families and friends across the world would like to know what happened in this unit during the war.

I currently serve as an officer in the USAF and I will garantee the utmost respect and care will be given to this information. If you want to save your story here, but not release it to the public, this desire will be honored.

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Another project we are engaging is the Date Snapshot program. If you have a story about something that takes place on a certain date, or over a number of days, pleaseCLICK HERE
This program is going to be used to construct a day by day time line of veterans stories. Please take the time to submit a few events.

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