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Frederick R. Bennett, PFC

Dear Sir, Madam: Please assist me in regard of the following. I have an interest for WW 2 history, especially in the US servicemen that were killed for our liberation. I do research about US servicemen that were killed in WW 2 and are/were buried in the US Military Cemetery in Holland, near where I live. I am searching information about and in particular a picture from: Frederick R. Bennett, PFC. Died April 16th 1945 in Germany, member of the 60th Inf. Regt. His Army service number: 32774554 . He was from Essex County, NJ, and is buried at Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale Suffolk County, In particular I am seeking a picture from him. There may have been some kind of article in a newspaper in 1945, or in a yearbook from his school. Any info/help will be welcome. Can you help? Thank you in advance, best regards from Holland, Antoine
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